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For Teachers

The following three pages are for a unit that I teach about color theory to 4th and 5th graders. Each of these pages is divided into four smaller pages, with instructions on how to finish each page, and how to cut the pages apart and assemble them into a finished book. I have also included a vocabulary list, as well as a short biography page about Pablo Picasso, that can be used in conjunction with another lesson of mine “Abstract Pablo Picasso Lesson” that I also have available on this site.

Text Pages COLOR BOOK 2
Text Pages COLOR BOOK 3

The following lesson and visuals are all centered around color theory and Pablo Picasso. The Pablo Picasso Color Theory Lesson are for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (and of course can be modified by a teacher for younger students!).
Picasso Color Lesson
Picasso Name Handout

The following Spider Lesson is written specifically for classroom teachers. The instructions have been streamlined for easier understanding and I have included illustrations to aid a non-art teacher in teaching the lesson to students.


Day of the Dead Lesson

The following two Word documents contain lessons that can be taught to a wide variety of ages. I’ve converted them into Word so that they’d be easier to print on any computer.
Lessons Conversions 1
Lessons Convertions 2
Geometric Portraits or Robots

The following link will take you to a set of lessons that I specifically created for classroom teachers. Each of the lessons in the PDF is one that students enjoyed a lot. I have also included step-by-step illustrations to aid a teacher in teaching the lessons to their students.
Art Lessons


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