Miss Katie's Art Class

Summer School Art Class: Week #5 It’s the LAST WEEK!

Posted on: August 5, 2011

Wow! Summer School went really fast this year! I can’t believe that we’re almost done, and that school is starting up again for the students by August 16th.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are painting their finished ceramic sunflowers. We talked more about Vincent Van Gogh, and his choice of colors. I gave the students paint palettes with the Primary Colors (Red, Yellow and Blue) and a palette with Neutral Colors (Black and white). I chose to have the students paint with acrylic paints, instead of watercolor or tempera paints because I wanted their finished work to have the same kind of bright, vibrant colors that Van Gogh used.

Students attached a wire with beads as a hanger before we started to paint the sunflower.

After adding the beads, students worked the wire back through the beads to complete the hanger.

Students painted the flower petals first.

Students shared paint palettes and mixed their colors directly on the palette.

When students had finished painting the top of their sunflower, they painted the sides.

A finished sunflower!

It's a little hard to see, but this student painted the sides of her sunflower blue. It looked amazing next to the bright orange of the petals!

The contrasting colors of this sunflower look fantastic!

We learned how to mix the color brown today. The easiest way is to mix two color complements. We used violet and yellow.

While the older students were finishing-up their ceramic sunflowers, the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades were working on creating sticker collages and crayon rubbings!

Students had a variety of different sized geometric shaped stickers to work with.

Students had the option of creating a picture of 'something' or creating a purely abstract composition.

Some students got incredibly detailed! (Sorry for the slightly blurry picture!)

These pictures always make me smile!

Students used white paper and crayons to create rubbings of their finished sticker collage.

It started to get noisy once students began using the big chunky crayons!

The younger students really enjoyed this lesson. The stickers that I used can be purchased from Discount School Supply. The specific item is called “Super Value Sticker Shapes Pack-8100 Pieces”. In an up-coming post, I’ll show you how to create big chunky crayons that can be used for this lesson!


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